Less than one adult in ten thinks they understand the cloud


As published in ConnectIT News

By: Mark Cox

While nearly half of consumers are aware of the cloud, less than ten percent feel that they fully understand it. Those are the results of a new GfK Business & Technology online survey of 1,000 adults presented Thursday at the CTIA Wireless show in Orlando. While it’s an end user study, and not the commercial market, the lack of awareness indicates that despite media buzz about the cloud, more education about it continues to be needed.As the growth of connected devices is expected to reach 22 billion within the next decade, according to IMS Research, there will be a greater need for consumers to move their data to cloud-based services. Consumers are increasingly in need of cloud-based services with data spread across multiple devices, including laptops, cell phones and tablet computers. As 4G data networks begin to roll out over the next year, consumers will be consuming and needing to access greater amounts of data across all of their connected devices.