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Biotechology / Pharmaceutical

Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals is an exciting area for members of the technical team of One-Sky.

According to our, few areas such as pharmaceutical biotechnology or information technology have an intimate relationship with your completely different technological tools in their features, but that communication between the working tool and the technological solution need to be essentially well for reliable results.

Having been involved in biotechnology infrastructure as BioAxone Therapeutic, Angiotech, Hemacure and others, we have the experience to meet the challenges of businesses in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

One-Sky, ideal solutions for biotechnology and pharmaceutical

One-Sky, professionals who understand technology issues for the advancement of science

Your venture capital investors, your employees and your management team will feel confident with our team. We will present technologic solutions that take into account the issues of compliance, those regulatory authorities, as well as meet your governance.

Whether you have a growth strategy, sales of intellectual property (Out Licensing) or technology transfer (Tech Transfer), One-Sky Solutions will support you to ensure your intellectual property is protected at all time.

Contact our team to explore the various technological solutions offered by One-Sky for your research incubator.

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