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City, municipality and RCM

Management of citizen relationship is at the heart of concerns teams of information technology in municipalities cities.Whether you are a small town or a large city, the need to communicate with citizens quickly and effectively while having followed in terms of cost and process of approval is essential for good governance.

One-Sky solutions have the ability to help you not only to incorporate technologies, but also to support you in the integration of your technology, not only through our team, but especially by our computer documentation expertise and compliance and ISO certification.

How One-Sky can help SMEs

Citizen redefined relationship for the XXI century

The world of information technology is reinventing the relationship with citizens. The technological choices that you integrate into your infrastructure will have a direct impact on short, medium and long terms especially for your city. The importance of making the right technological choice will be crucial because of changing technology after deployment can be difficult and expensive.

Contact the One-Sky team to take advantage of our expertise in a private exploratory meeting in the offices of your city or your RCM.

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