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Cloud solution

Currently, the temptation is strong: The cloud solutions seem to defy all prices technology solutions. We say: I transfer my technology outside, I have no problem: backups, the server equipment, bandwidth, computer attacks, physical problems of heat, electricity, theft or claims are completely excluded; in addition, the price per item is ridiculously low, it actually costs less to go to the cloud.

Really? When you analyze the offer of any provider, the price can be a tiny part of the purchase cost. For example, a brand new car can be displayed for an unbeatable price of $ 59 per week! It is believed sometimes to save money with an aggressive monthly price of a manufacturer to finally realize that the solution to other constraints.

How One-Sky can help SMEs

Is my company too small or too big for One-Sky

One-Sky expertise to handle very large installed base, we already manage some of which have hundreds of users. We were created technology solutions in major Canadian companies.

However, what interests us is helping entrepreneurs who believe in their products and services. We have all size business customers; some are even located in basements of houses!

The company’s size does not matter for us. Awareness of the importance of information technologies for the success of your business is one of the most important factors for us to serve you properly. Contact a counselor from One-Sky to make an appointment at your office.

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