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Online Backup – The ITCloud Solutions

We believe that currently, the ITCloud solution is the most viable for you, among other for the following reasons:

  • ITCloud  hosts the data in Quebec (servers in Trois-Rivières, redundant Joliette), thus subject to the same laws as your business (no interference of the Patriot Act).
  • Approved by the Chamber of Notaries of Quebec.
  • Recognized as approved supplier of the Government of Canada.
  • Backups monitored daily for their integrity by a dedicated team in ITCloud.
  • Exchange database backups (full or “brick Level”), SQL and others on the ITCloud server (monthly fee) or on your local hard drives (toll free technical support with monthly subscription).
  • possible to backup VMWare and HyperV servers with backup tool.

encrypted data

Approved by the Chambre des Notaires du Québec

IT Cloud (Online Backup) meets the requirements of the Chambre des notaires du Québec with which they have signed an agreement to that effect.

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