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Today, many people believe they are capable performed the management of their IT infrastructure by themselves. Why have a computer technician when the solutions seem simple enough? Yet the solutions seem simple, but the layout integration of different solutions for all your business process is interrelated becomes a more complex stroke.

At One-Sky, we know that the challenges for your business. The decisions are not simply to choose a device, or a solution, but also to ensure that the product or service will be the right choice in the long term. Moreover, when there is problems, you need a team that will be present to address computer problems, and they will support you when you are in problematic situations, whether from inside your company, or from the outside. Our approach always takes into account your business strategy, to ensure that your IT department operating at full capacity, and allow the rest of your business to be functional at all times.

The service at One-Sky

The service, the cornerstone of customer satisfaction at One Sky

The IT team of technicians at One Sky is a caring team one thing above all: to ensure that your computer problems are resolved.

Our technical team uses tools with cutting edge technology to enable you to have computer resources connected to your IT infrastructure to meet your problems, whether remote access to your desktop, or tools monitoring and analysis on your computer equipment.

We have the ability to install systems that allow us to visualize problems even before you are aware of the issue within your work environment.

Our team has worked many years to develop maintenance strategies of IT assets, such as the update workstations and servers, to ensure that these are constantly on time, and most importantly, updates in your infrastructure does not stop production for your human resources.

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